The supply chain is of strategic importance to our operating activities. For this reason, we ask our suppliers, with whom our relations are transparent and with a view to mutual growth, to comply with our Code of Ethics and to take note of our Model 231.


Italgas is strongly linked to its supply chain. Goods and services suppliers are increasingly integrated into our business model: they are directly involved in the core processes of developing and maintaining the infrastructural network and help to create value.

We therefore demand not only expertise and professionalism of our suppliers, but also their adoption of the company’s values and principles. The suppliers are obliged to confirm, through the contractual documentation, that they are aware of our Model 231 and the principles of the Code of Ethics of Italgas and the Code of Ethics of Italgas Suppliers, thereby agreeing to comply with regulations on occupational health and safety, environmental protection and with international standards concerning the right to work.


Qualification process

In the various stages of the search for suppliers, we act extremely carefully and scrupulously, starting from the qualification process and analysis of candidates applying.

Many elements are assessed during the qualification process, including:

  • technical and operating capacity;
  • economic and financial reliability;
  • ethics requirements;
  • commitment to the fight against corruption;
  • environmental protection;
  • promotion of healthy and safe working conditions;
  • absence of forced labour and economic exploitation of minors.

For the categories of goods deemed most critical, the procedures include more stringent fundamental requirements for qualification such as, for example, the possession by the supplier of management systems certified in accordance with international standards.


Vendor Management System

The qualification process forms part of the broader Vendor Management System, which also includes supplier monitoring through audits, inspection visits and assessments of their services prepared with contributions from the units responsible for managing their contracts. The system is designed to protect the sustainability integrity of the supply chain. If a supplier fails to meet the agreed standards, Italgas can place them under observation, limit, suspend or even cancel the qualification.


Code of Ethics and Integrity

In order to commit suppliers/subcontractors to complying with the principles and values considered inalienable and the more stringent reputational requirements, as presented on Italgas Code of Ethics and on the Code of Ethics of Italgas Suppliers, we have prepared a document known as the “Ethics and Integrity Agreement”, which represents a preventive measure against any attempt at criminal infiltration and corruptive practices.

The business operators hoping to receive direct or indirect assignments from our group must sign and accept the Ethics and Integrity Agreement, undertaking to ensure their conduct complies with the principles of loyalty, transparency and fairness and the respect and maintain in the long term the principles envisaged in the Italgas Code of Ethics and underlined in the Code of Ethics of Italgas Suppliers.

For a certain number of product categories, Italgas is subject to the application of procedures envisaged in the Public Works Code (Italian Legislative Decree 50/2016).


Italgas - Code of Ethics and Integrity

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Code of Ethics of Italgas Suppliers

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