Our share offers attractive and sustainable returns for investors, combined with a low risk profile resulting from our operations in a regulated market and the soundness of our capital structure.


Dividends policy

We are committed to guaranteeing an appealing, growing and sustainable dividend policy for shareholders.

In our strategic plan 2019-2025, we confirmed the dividend policy announced in 2018 which envisages, until 2020, the distribution of a dividend equal to the highest of (i) the amount resulting from DPS 2017 (€ 0.208) increased by 4% per annum and (ii) the DPS equivalent to 60% of the consolidated net profit.

From 7 November 2016, when Italgas returned to the stock exchange, to the end of June 2019, the Total Shareholder Return was 68.8%.

Dividends per share (€)


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