Through an investment program of 6.4 billion euros strongly focused on digital innovation, and strategies for energy, operating and financial efficiency, the 2019-2025 strategic plan will guarantee Italgas growth while maintaining its solid financial structure.


Following the results achieved in recent years and the actions for growth and development undertaken, the 2019-2025 Plan has revised up all the main targets. 

Results of the plan:

 In euro

2018 Results


1.17 billion


839.5 million


522.7 million


215 million

 Consolidated RAB (including M&A)

6.2 billion

 Net Debt/RAB



Objectives of the new plan:

 In euro

 2025 Outlook (with tenders)

 Consolidated Ebitda

 about 1.8 billion euros

 EBITDA Margin

 about 75%


 8 - 8.5%

 Consolidated RAB

 above 10 billion euros

 Net Debt/RAB



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