Every day we work alongside those who, like you, use gas in their daily lives. We don’t sell gas. We take it right to your doorstep and guarantee service continuity, network efficiency and the affordability of the system

The gas industry and us

What we do

  • We distribute gas. In other words, we take it from the transport networks and bring it to your home.
  • We take the gas to the areas it hasn’t yet reached.
  • We constantly monitor the network to ensure its efficiency and safety.
  • We carry out upgrading works, digitising the network and installing smart meters.
  • We measure your consumption through meters.
  • We act quickly when there are emergencies, gas leaks or meter faults.

What we don’t do

  • We don’t import gas and we don’t produce it.
  • We don’t sell it. We aren’t responsible for billing.
  • We don’t transport gas, either by pipeline or by ship.
  • And we don’t store it.

We operate in a regulated sector, we are the market leader in Italy and third largest operator in Europe.

The network of the future as we see it: our approach to innovation

We are working to transform the traditional gas network into a smart network which, using data already in our possession and thanks to the use of digital technologies (IoT, Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning), rapidly identifies anomalies in the network structure, predicts potential faults and arranges maintenance before problems arise, reducing the cost of works and down times.


We are responsible for water as well as gas in Campania and, more recently, we began operating in the energy efficiency sector following our acquisition of Seaside, with integrated advisory services, financing solutions and proprietary technology solutions.

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