We are present in various regions, promoters of energy development, capable of creating social and cultural value for the community and, in general, for Italy.


Our commitment to the local area is not only reflected in the continuous improvement of our network and services, but also in our contribution to the growth and social and cultural development of the communities we serve, with respect to which we encourage and foster a continuous and direct interaction.

Since our inception, we have built an infrastructure of excellence throughout much of Italy and have been a key player in its methanization process. Today we want to continue to foster the economic and social development of the communities where we work by actively contributing to the development of increasingly sustainable cities through the continuous improvement of our service.



We are committed to increasing the efficiency of infrastructure and the application of innovative tools that will lead to the digitalization of the network to improve delivery of the service and reduce service disruptions, and at the same time we will organize, jointly with the Municipal Administrations, cycles of meetings on the awareness of natural gas as an advantageous resource. We carried out this latter activity, aimed at increasing people's appreciation of the value of gas, initially in Calabria and then in 2018 we extended it to the Sorrento Peninsula and Sardinia.

We have undertaken the interactive and itinerant project Energia mi piace in collaboration with Confindustria. It is a joint school-work experience programme in secondary schools in Turin and Sardinia that explains the complexity and diversity of the natural gas energy supply system, how many companies and how many people work on it daily and how massive and extensive the infrastructure network is.

The project will continue in 2019, providing the tools to understand the future scenario of energy decarbonisation and to educate citizens who are increasingly aware of the strategic options that Italy has before it in terms of energy supply and who are able to understand a debate that would otherwise always be reserved to technicians and specialists in the field.



We collaborate with institutions, associations and foundations, non-profit organizations and other subjects in the area to create interventions, projects and initiatives in favour of environmental protection, dissemination of culture, technological and scientific innovation, training, research and promotion of the local area in which our infrastructure is located.

In 2018 we allocated a total of € 764 thousand to sponsorships (90%) and donations (10%). We aimed our sponsorships mainly at culture and art, sports, education and awareness initiatives on issues related to the energy sector and the responsible use of resources.

Investment Areas

Investments in the Community

Our donations were mainly addressed to artistic and cultural events, to sports and to social responsibility initiatives.

Culture Support

We also actively engage in initiatives to support the dissemination of artistic culture. We are in fact among the founding members of the Teatro Regio in Turin, members of Consulta Torino and supporters of the Fondazione Cini di Venezia.

Support for Sports

We strongly believe in the respect for others and for the fair competition that sports promote.

Within our company, we also work as a team and therefore we have chosen to be a team sponsor of the Italian National Men's and Women's Tennis Championships in the Davis Cup and Fed Cup competitions for 2018 and 2019.

Reconstruction Aid

We signed an agreement with the extraordinary government commissioner for the earthquake in Central Italy to donate 1,500 computers to schools affected by the 2016 earthquake.

At the end of 2018, we donated the initial 25 computers to the students of I.C.

Galilei of Cittaducale, another 165 have been delivered to the local school office in Rieti, which will assign them to other institutions in early 2019.

Our history represents one of the building blocks in the historic, social and technological development of Italy, and for this reason we are committed to restoring and preserving its memory. The historic archive, the Italgas Museum, the Library and the newspaper archives are places where we gather together the group’s most important documents and findings, a testimony to the work carried out over the years and the evolution of the gas market up to today’s era.

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