We operate in the market of ensuring and improving the quality and safety standards of the service, both technical and commercial, from project launch and distribution network construction stages through to the end user.


Digital technology innovation is what we intend to invest in to improve our services and the overall efficiency of the distribution system. In particular, in the next few years we aim to develop digital technologies to improve network efficiency, simplify business process and optimise our human resources management.

In particular, in the last three years (2016-2018) we aimed to develop digital technologies with an investment of € 500 million for innovation and digitisation of the network and processes thanks also to our Digital Factory.

In this respect, Italgas is committed to the progressive replacement of gas meters with new generation digital equipment (smart meters) with new functionalities In 2018 alone we installed 1.8 million (including the investee companies), with the objective of completing the replacement of all the traditional meters within the first few months of 2020 (compared with the 85% as at 31 December 2020 fixed by ARERA).


These investments lead to benefits in relations with customers and the sales companies, both in terms of content and relational methods.


For us, business and attention to our local community do not conflict. On the contrary, all our activities require reliability, safety and overall efficiency of the system, and these are the key points to ensure a service to end customers and our entire service area.

Every year, we inspect tens of thousands of kilometres of our network to ensure that gas reaches all public and private facilities. In 2018, a new leak research method was successfully tested using CRDS (Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy), a technology based on laser absorption spectroscopy, which is a step forward compared to laser systems because it enables the detection of any underground and airborne dispersions.


During 2018, we launched the "MyItalgas Customer Portal" project to create a direct channel with end customers. Through the portal, end customers will be able to consult their user data (PdR - redelivery point, meter serial number, etc.), check the progress of their meter readings, to request a quote for the performance of construction work, modification or removal of the supply system. MyItalgas will be progressively enriched with additional functions, linked to requests for execution of work and information or the submission of complaints and tracking of appointments

We are aware that local area work is a team effort that can be achieved thanks to the close relationship with the sales companies, which is why we work to harmonize processes and update business tools and procedures with the aim of simplifying access to and use of services, as well as to ensure their safety and efficiency.


Natural gas customers can already freely choose their supplier on the free market and with the end of the protected market, planned for July 2020 as a result of the Competition Law, the consumers who still use this service will also have to switch to the free market and select their supplier.

Therefore, in line with the requirements of the Regulatory Authority and with what we have defined in our Sustainability Plan, we have initiated a process aimed at strengthening our relations with sales companies by means of a range of initiatives such as workshops and the implementation of version 2.0 of our "GasOnLine" portal that promotes the updating of the main channel of communication with sellers to manage service requests, information exchange, consultation of readings (Reading Portal) and invoices (Billing Portal) with advanced search tools.


With reference to the community and customer service quality indicators on the other hand, in 2017 we again maintained our levels of excellence achieved in recent years in relation to the quality standards established by the Authority.


Agreement with the consumer associations

Alongside the ongoing commitment to the community, we have worked to build open and collaborative dialogue with the consumer associations.

This is why in 2017, with 14 of the major consumer associations recognised by the National Council of Consumers and Users (CNCU), we signed a memorandum of understanding which aims to disseminate a gas culture and to make consumers increasingly aware and informed on the correct use of energy resources and the plan to replace traditional meters with smart meters (latest generation).

Through this agreement, we have set the cornerstone for the development of an active partnership with the community with a view to creating shared value.


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