It is a great satisfaction for us to see our people, their skills and their knowledge grow. We believe in everyone's potential and invest in it to make it stand out.


Knowing what we do, the business we carry on and promote every day, is a fundamental prerequisite for the growth of our resources. Professional development is supported by growth paths that combine training (classroom coursed and hands-on experience) and internal mobility (changes of role, corporate department or geographical area).

We ensure constant professional updates for our people and constant attention to development and training, we have studied integration methods and well-defined paths for those who join Italgas today: we want to create a solid core of young people who can feel, from the beginning of their work experience, that they are an important part of our company, so as to promote integration, geographical mobility and a new work culture.

All the young people who joined Italgas in the last three years have been able to take part in specific initiatives aimed at getting to know the history, skills, values and distinctive elements of our identity.

These "company moments" are opportunities to inspire and motivate our talents, as some of them tell us in this video.


Training campus

Training campus

To host the various in-house training activities, workshops and projects, we have inaugurated the new Italgas Training Campus in Turin, a hospitable and well-equipped facility.

The Campus, equipped with modern IT and telecommunications equipment, consists of classrooms for traditional theoretical training, a large conference room, classrooms for technical training and refreshment areas. The Campus area also includes special spaces (including outdoor spaces) for practice and in-field drills.

Three pillars for growth

  1. a system of managerial skills, which take into account the initiative, the orientation towards the future, the connection and leadership capabilities of each individual resource;
  2. performance management, meaning a time dedicated to evaluating and collecting feedback on one's work, in order to reconcile professional and company objectives;
  3. enhancement of the potential of each resource.


Growth paths pass through evaluation events (of performance, potential, experience and know-how) that make it possible to:

  • recognise individual results;
  • understand the contribution of each person to the organisation;
  • document the progress achieved;
  • outline areas for further improvement;
  • exploit the potential in internal paths of growth and professional and managerial development.


Given the criticality and importance for our current and future needs, we have also launched a skills development programme for young people, starting with motivational aspects, professional interests and the propensity for change. These elements have made it possible to define paths for inter-functional growth and internal mobility.

The "management skills model" is an important part of the development system for people at Italgas. Designed jointly with all the company’s management and directly inspired by the values of its Code of Ethics, the Model provides guidance to the skills and behaviours that can contribute to personal growth and to the excellence of the company.

The underlying skills help to consolidate a shared corporate culture and have an across-the-board effect on the selection, development, performance management, training and talent management processes.

The programme improves: 40 "workshops" to generate innovative ideas and solutions

As part of our continuous improvement programme called "Migliora" (Improve), 40 workshops were launched in 2017, which generated innovative ideas and solutions on topics of particular interest to our group that were presented periodically to the Innovation and Continuous Improvement Committee. Intensive classroom training sessions were dedicated to 34 Site Leaders, and about 130 people were involved in the work groups and on-the-job training.

A special section, "The Ideas Box", has also been created on the company intranet. It is accessible to all those who wish to propose improvements, so as to involve all our employees and collect new ideas and initiatives.

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