Our business strategy recognises that people play an essential role in accompanying the company along its path of growth and change: people are considered to be the most valuable asset for the company.


In line with the objectives of our strategic plan, we have embarked on a path of growth, innovation and improvement of our operating efficiency. The particularly dynamic context in which we operate requires great flexibility and speed: to focus on excellence of service, combining safety, quality, efficiency and sustainability means to be able to count on the professional and management excellence of our people.

Our human resources policies are moving in this direction. Our business strategy is, in fact, supported by a path of growth and development that accompanies our employees towards the development of specific skills and a culture of sustainability.

People at the centre of our strategy

Our sustainability plan rests upon five pillars, the second of which concerns our people: "Putting people of Italgas at the centre, protecting and enhancing the company's know-how, increasing the well-being of the people who work for the company and improving accident rates".

The selection and induction of new recruits and the individual training and development are processes strictly associated with our strategies, ensuring the availability of necessary professionalism and the skills development required by the business.

We are also supporting the organisational change by means of an intense internal communication action through privileged digital channels such as the corporate intranet and the new internal networking and collaboration systems, with numerous meetings held that target extensive groups of people and which see active contributions and participation from management to share corporate and change management guidelines.

Generational change

Also in view of the need for generational change, in 2017 we launched a significant turnover plan that will be developed over the next few years along three lines:

  • the introduction of new skills, in particular new, dynamic and proactive young people;
  • the growth of our resources;
  • the consolidation and development of our know-how.


The digitisation of the networks and corporate processes will be the main challenge to be overcome in the next few years and will require the involvement of all our people. In the last three years, in fact, we conducted intensive search activities and recruitment from the market of managers, experts and qualified young people, with the aim of completing the new organisational structure and to strengthen certain business areas in line with business objectives and the needs and opportunities arising from the corporate reorganisation.


In the last three years, Italgas has added more than 250 new resources, mainly young and qualified, about 40% of whom have a university degree, to strengthen the business areas of particular interest (operations and staff).

The expertise of our technicians and manual workers, which has always characterized the quality of our work, is transferred and enhanced by developing distinctive skills to manage and maintain our plants and network

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