We support the creation of a positive working environment. We value commitment and performance through merit-based remuneration policies and our human resource strategies are open to the most innovative working methods, such as smart working, and to the promotion of initiatives for the welfare and well-being of our employees.


Remuneration policy

Merit is the guiding principle behind our professional development and career opportunity strategies. We have defined remuneration policies that are differentiated in relation to performance and professional and managerial skills, structured so as to recognize:

  • the responsibilities assigned;
  • the results achieved;
  • the quality of professional contribution;
  • the development potential of our people.


The remuneration systems are periodically updated based on comparisons with the reference remuneration markets and on criteria inspired by meritocracy and internal fairness.


Smart working at italgas

We have introduced smart working, or agile work, a new work organisation model that allows our employees to carry out part of their work outside the company premises. Currently - through voluntary participation - more than 300 people from the corporate staff areas and technical units throughout our territory are involved.


The objectives:

  • to improve the working methods of staff already deployed in the area;
  • to stimulate digital innovation and the use of information technologies;
  • to foster a more open and collaborative management culture, oriented towards delegation and accountability;
  • to increase job satisfaction;
  • to facilitate the reconciliation of work and family needs;
  • to increase sustainability by reducing travel between home and office and between different offices.


Initiatives for employees

We have developed a rich and detailed welfare policy to create a system of services aimed at improving quality of life: from the family to caring for children, to keeping good mental and physical health, to taking care of daily tasks that take away time and money, and by organizing recreational activities, and artistic and cultural initiatives.

Our people can also access benefits that impact their everyday private life, including special rates at sports centres and special agreements for car rental.

The following are just some of our Welfare proposals:

  • Initiatives for families, reserved for employees’ children: recreational activities, sports and educational workshops for the younger ones; English language courses and sport/adventure activities for teenagers.
  • Kindergarten and school: contribution to support registration with the kindergarten; study grants for employees’ children and other school costs subsidies.
  • Insurance policies: all employees are covered by the professional and extra-professional accident policy.
  • Well-being programme: option of taking out subscriptions with a number of approved sports and well-being centres.

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